Brave Enough to Let Them Fail

It has been an interesting journey going from a teacher to a PYP coordinator to a vice principal to the head of school at a small school. It is interesting how all of these roles are very similar but different. As you move to the outer circle, there is a perception that you have more control, but really you don’t. A good leader needs to trust in their team and let go of the urge to try and control the micro decisions that happen every day in a school. As you move to the outer circle, you have to start thinking about the bigger picture and systems while trusting in your team to handle the macro and micro decisions.

Trusting your team to make the macro and micro decisions is not always an easy thing to do. Sometimes you know people will make the wrong choice, but we need to let them do it to fail forward. It is only through making these small mistakes that people can build a wealth of knowledge and experience. However, to do this their needs be a non-punative reflective culture that focuses on learning from mistakes.

2 thoughts on “Brave Enough to Let Them Fail”

  1. Neil Johnstone

    Just finished my 1st year as Elementary principal. Have been frustrated by micro management from above, but I try to involve all teachers in decision making. Empowerment all the way!

    1. Dwayne Primeau

      Hi Neil,

      Congratulations on your first year! I feel you on the micromanagement. It is hard as we sometimes feel we need to protect the people below us from the people above us sometimes.
      I am very lucky to have a great team. What books have you been reading to guide your journey?

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